Jack Broudy, World Class Tennis Teaching Professional

Jack Broudy is a tennis player, coach, speaker, author, and inventor. He is one of the most accomplished tennis coaches in the world and is now making his revolutionary teaching methods available to all.

As a teaching professional, Jack has influenced the development of several pros on tour today, as well as countless top ranked USTA Juniors and college national champion players and coaches. Jack is mentor to thousands of tennis coaches, players, and professionals around the globe.

Jack currently lives in Southern California, teaching dozens of students at various tennis courts and country clubs in the San Diego area every single week.

Growing up in New England, Jack was a top 10 ranked junior, representing New England District on the national junior circuit, including playing at the infamous Kalamazoo. He also played college tennis for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill from 1973-75. Jack played on a pro tennis tour in Florida in 1976, before becoming a top varsity tennis player in singles and All-American doubles player for University of California San Diego, in La Jolla from 1976-1979. Jack has also been speaking at USPTA conventions for the past fifteen years.

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I believe the game of tennis is bigger than any one player. The motion of all the top players have a similar essence of winding and unwinding into the ball. The very best players move with effortless grace while at the same time unleash infinite power and control. There is a particular geometry that explains all fluid and flowing motions in nature, including that of the natural athlete. Remember it's not what you see but what you don't see that matters.


The goal is to change the way people think about tennis and thus change the game forever. Once every player knows these principles of the "secret game" of the natural athlete their love, joy and devotion to the sport will increase exponentially. Players will play for more reasons than just "bragging rights" such as loving the way they play, getting a great workout and enjoying the endless rally. Players will love competition and not fear it. Tennis will once again be the sport of a lifetime and the "king of sports."