The Dynamic Balance Course

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Difficulty: Advanced

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[Instructor] Jack Broudy
[Instructor] Jack Broudy Instructor

Jack Broudy pioneered Non-Linear Tennis and the three core fundamentals. Jack has mentored thousands of top players and coaches worldwide. His mission is to fundamentally change the way tennis is taught, played and understood. Jack loves to play the non-linear game! Any time. Any where. Let’s play!

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Player\’s Membership (With Instructor Training)


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Player\’s Membership (Online Video Course only)

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Course Information

Difficulty: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate

  • Progress

    • Fundamentals
      • Introduction: Dynamic Balance
    • Lessons
      • Two-Handed Coil
      • Two Handed Backhand
      • Compress the Forehand
      • Overhead Stability
      • Pull Up Into the Serve
      • Fly with Both Wings on One-Hander
      • Balanced Volleys
      • The Non Dominant Hand: One Handed Forehand
    • Drills
      • Dynamic Balance Training
      • Skaters DRILL
      • Return Sway