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Groove your strokes. Watch players have fun and improve!!

Best players in the World train with Jack’s devices

Jack’s renowned training aids are used by thousands of coaches worldwide and many top players including the Bryan Bros., Coco Van der Weigh, Sam Querrey, Steve Johnson and many more. Train your body to hit a better ball through better fluidity, balance and coordination and groove your strokes!

Jack’s Promise

All our boards are made here in California of the highest quality workmanship. I use them all – all the time. They work well and are beautiful. I am proud to offer them to you. – Jack Broudy

Training Devices

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Broudy's Training Devices Are Here

Balance & Rotation

It is essential to rotate your body in a figure 8 motion and the Brody Board is the best way to condition that magic “natural athlete” body motion. This motion can be seen in the top players on virtually every stroke:  serve, forehand, backhand, volleys and overhead. You can practice on board or use it for a warm up or warm down.

Challenge your Balance

Jack’s Wedge platform challenges your balance further and brings verticality into your coil producing a more efficient and fluid swing. It is a must for getting more power, balance and control particularly on a player’s serve, forehand and overhead. Great for slice backhands too!

Board/Wedge Combo

Using both together (Brody Board atop the Wedge) is the next level of training better balance, flexibility and coordination into your body. The best of both worlds – perfect your strokes by engraining a continuous figure 8 in your hips, while learning to expand this equal horizontal/vertical motion to your arms and eventually to the racket head that strikes the ball.

Jack's Rockin' Brody Board is Here!! (serious players only!)

Jack’s Favorite Training Apparatus! This board really rocks! And swivels. So for advanced players and coaches this special Brody Board can kinesthetically teach a player to hit truly with their best form. The Rockin’ Board is truly an advanced lesson in balance so please train responsibly. This is no toy. But if you’re a tournament player – Level 4.5 and above, UTR 6 and above or an ATP/WTA Pro then you gotta have this board.

Jack’s Newest Addition to his unique Training Devices

Take your entire game to the next level by taking your training and practice to the next level with the Rockin’ Board! Broudy’s double swivel action is further challenged by a rocking addition which will improve your strokes immensely. Better balance and rotation means a tighter coil, more fluidity and pro-level strokes. Take the challenge. Your doubles partner will be glad you did.

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