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Serve Technique: Amazing Results with Jr in less than 1 Hour

In this video, we take a junior player and transform his tennis serve technique in only 4 lessons!

This junior tennis player said he didn’t want to play sets because he didn’t feel confident in his serve. A few technique adjustments helped him get more power and confidence in his serve. Watch the video for slow motion serves for before our lessons and after. Jack will tell you exactly what we told this junior player so you can use it on the tennis courts in your next match!

Improve Your Toss Now

Do you have trouble with your toss when serving? Especially on pressure points? Try this easy warm-up method that Roger Federer uses to get the feel right on his toss.

For a complete full hour serve lesson with 20 videos, see our online serve course.

Serve Technique – Line Up Your Serve and stay Lined Up

The serve line up can really make a difference with serve consistency. Give this dril a try with your serve or that of your students. It works!

Serve Lesson – Pro/Student Comparison

Pros have troubles with their serve just as amateurs do. Watch here how Broudy illustrates similar problems on the serve and how best to fix them.