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Instructor’s Certification Membership

Instructor’s Certification Membership

Broudy Tennis: Instructor’s Certification Membership

Instructor’s Membership

Become An Instructor and earn commissions as an affiliate for all your players needs.

Become An Instructor

Summary of What We Will Provide:

Professional Certifications & Affiliate Instructor Program  $999 & $149 annually

  • $500 per new member player paid to instructor (for providing 5 lessons)
  • Certification Course with testing/certificate
    • Video course with personal instruction from Jack Broudy
    • Certification Test 
  • Personal one on one training with Jack
  • Detailed Non-Linear Lesson plans Playbook (for each of the 7 player course)
  • Marketing Marketing Marketing …Broudy Tennis will promote the player course to prospects in your area via Social Media.
  • Affiliate Instructor Personalized Website 
  • Total Access to Jacks Private Video Library of Instruction (150) 
  • Player profiles including assessment test results and personal insights from Jack on each player whenever needed.
  • Personal Podcast with Jack 
  • Affiliate Packaging:  ($150 value)
    • Soft Goods (shirt) that say Broudy Tennis 
    • Broudy Tennis Academy banner to set out when instructing 
    • Broudy Training Products for Instructions:   $600 (Value)
      • Broudy Ramp
      • Broudy Board 
      • Broudy Cobra  
      • Arrow Decals

What We Expect From Instructors:

  • Pay the fee, take the course and pass the exam
  • Utilize Broudy Tennis branded training tools, and net banner, when teaching member players
  • Stay true to the Broudy Tennis lesson plans and methodology
  • Provide Broudy Tennis with at least 10 emails of prospects/Players that we can recruit 
  • Professional conduct at all times with our members
  • Promote Broudy Tennis whenever appropriate
  • Sharing Broudy Tennis Social Media