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Player’s Membership (with Instructor Training)

Player’s Membership (with Instructor Training)

Broudy Tennis: Player’s Membership (with Instructor Training)

Player’s Membership (with Instructor Training)

Player\’s Membership (with Instructor Training)


Summary of What We Will Provide:

Professional Certifications & Affiliate Instructor Program  $999 & $149 annually

  • $500 per new member player paid to instructor
  • Certification Course with testing/certificate
    • Video course with personal instruction from Jack Broudy
    • Certification Test 
  • Personal one on one training with Jack
  • Detailed lesson plan for each of the 7 player course
  • Marketing Marketing Marketing …Broudy Tennis will promote the player course to prospects in your area via
    • Emails
    • Social Media
  • Affiliate Instructor Personalized Website 
  • Total Access to Jacks Private Video Library of Instruction & Unlimited personal consultation with Jack
  • Player profiles including assessment test results and personal insights from Jack on each player whenever needed.
  • Personal Podcast with Jack (future)
  • Affiliate Packaging:  ($150 value)
    • High quality logo folders for player members 
    • Personal welcome letter from Jack & Pro
    • Logo Decals (stickers) for door windows etc.
    • Soft Goods (shirt, hat, shorts) that say Broudy Tennis Academy Certified Instructor
    • Broudy Tennis Academy banner to set out when instructing 
    • Broudy Training Products for Instructions:   $600 (Value)
      • BroudyExtreme Board 
      • Broudy Board 
      • Broudy Wand  
      • Arrow Decals

What We Expect From Instructors:

  • Pay the fee, take the course and pass the exam
  • Utilize Broudy Tennis branded training tools, and net banner, when teaching member players
  • Stay true to the Broudy Tennis lesson plans and methodology
  • Provide Broudy Tennis with at least 10 emails of prospects/Players that we can recruit 
  • Professional conduct at all times with our members
  • Promote Broudy Tennis whenever appropriate

Affiliate Pro Income Opportunities:

  1. Earn $500 per player membership at sign up.
  2. Earn profits on product sales to member players:
    1. BT sells wholesale to affiliates, and players pay retail to affiliates. 
    2. Affiliate keeps 100% of profit but pays for shipping
    3. Example: Broudy Wand retails at $249. Affiliate buys for $120 and pays $20 shipping. Affiliate sells to members at $249 and nets $125 profit.
    4. Affiliate increases profit with buying in bulk and decreasing shipping costs
  3. Earn extra money on extended instruction with players.
    1. Most students will extend their instruction beyond the 5 hours they get included with their membership.