The Natural Serve

Finally Learn How To
Serve The Right Way!

The old school, step by step way of teaching the serve is out the window. If it worked, then why would so many tennis players continue to struggle?? No rehash of tennis cliches (that don’t work) “trophy pose… wrist snap… jump…”

This lesson will show you the true fundamentals of the serve. You’ll watch a complete beginner to tennis go from zero to 10 serves in a row in less than 20 minutes! And see a college level tennis player add that extra pop to his serve to take it to the next level!

What You’ll Learn In This Serve Lesson

  • The true principles & fundamentals behind the perfect tennis serve. You won’t learn this at your local tennis courts.
  • Why you should never serve with your arm. Hint: serve with your hips (bet you’ve never heard that before!)
  • How to serve with confidence, even when you’re nervous.
  • Common mistakes beginners and even pros make [including how to fix them].
  • A Case Study – This college level player thought he was getting the most out of his serve before Jack makes a few changes and adds a whole new level to his game.
  • How to fix your toss – Why most recreational tennis players can’t get the toss right.
  • How to hit effective slice, flat, and kick serves.

I have literally been working HARD on my serve for like a DECADE!! I have taken so many online and court lessons on it. Nothing has helped fix my serve totally. Mr. Broudy did it in less than 15 minutes. -Prashanth G. (course student)

I got up after viewing the first two videos and swung the racquet with my whole body, imitating from the core and hips and - it felt not only right and natural but also effortless. Incredible! I totally vibe with the figure 8 philosophy. I have always known about it but couldn't put it into action from theory - until now! Mr. Broudy has made my year - not day, week or month but Year! Can't believe how simple the serve really is. I am ecstatic!
Email from an actual student!

Included In The Tennis Course

  • Lifetime Access to all 20 videos! (including future updates)
  • A 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee – Within the first 30 days of your purchase, if you feel like you did not get what you wanted for out of this lesson, we will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.
  • An Advanced Case Study Bonus Video – Jack teaches a college level player how to add more pop to his serve in less than 10 minutes!
  • A PDF On-Court Checklist – Print this PDF and put it in your tennis bag. You’ll want to review it before matches and even on change overs. This will help you remember everything you learn!
  • A Bonus Roger Federer Serve Breakdown – Jack will show you what Roger actually does in his serve motion, so you can learn from the best!

Special thanks to Karl Rosenstock for helping us shoot the course!