Increase Confidence and Become a Better Player Master the Non-Linear Core Fundamentals.

But There’s A Problem…

Developing yourself is expensive
What you’ve tried so far isn’t working
You are getting better at linear tennis
Too Many Tips, Drills, and Strategies to Remember
Nobody has given you a plan for improvement
No training tools to feel the proper strokes

Broudy Tennis has everything you need to improve your game all in one place.


What Instructors and Players need to understand about Broudy Tennis and the Non-Linear game.

Our On-Demand Courses will help you grow to love your game and will transform the way you play, understand, and engage with tennis.


What is the Non-Linear Game?

It’s based around these 3 Core Fundamentals.

The 45°
The Figure-8 Rotation
The (Sine) Wave
Putting It All Together
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Meet Jack.

The Pioneer Behind The Non-Linear Game of Tennis

Jack Broudy is a tennis player, coach, speaker, author, and inventor. He is one of the most accomplished tennis coaches in the world and is now making his revolutionary teaching methods available to all. As a teaching professional, Jack has influenced the development of several pros on tour today, as well as countless top ranked USTA Juniors and college national champion players and coaches. Jack is mentor to thousands of tennis coaches, players, and professionals around the globe.


[Profile] Susan Nardi

“I have been coaching tennis at every level for 30+ years. In our first time on court with Jack my jaw dropped. His approach quickly became the glues to all the things I could see, but hadn’t quite put it all together. In 30 mins I had the one handed backhand of my dream (where was that when I was a junior player). Then in just a few swings of “the wand” I had a beast of a forehand that blows people away. His impact on my coaching has been phenomenal and has taken me to a whole another level. I high recommend Jack’s courses and all his products for anyone wanting to go from ordinary to extraordinary on the court. Thank you Jack for changing my world.

Susan F. Nardi

Director of Tennis First Break Academy


“I am a teaching pro from Argentina and when I discovered Jack’s system there was a before and after . He is a mentor for me . Thanks Jack for all your chats that we had and still have. His system is great because he is great as a teaching pro but more important as a person.”

Claudio Eulau

Tennis Pro

New York

[Profile] Will_Bouchek

“Jack can teach technique more effectively and faster than any coach I’ve seen. I once watched him teach a beginner to serve in less than 20 minutes. The student served with incredible pace and accuracy for a beginner. When I watched it, I remember thinking “tennis coaches have been teaching the serve wrong this whole time!” If you have a chance to learn from Jack, I highly recommend it!”

Will Boucek

Founder & CEO | The Tennis Tribe

Check out what clients say

Tim Schnaible

“The Broudy Tennis System will provide you with a real clarity as to what’s going on at the elite levels of our sport. It will also provide you with the insights to develop your game to it’s fullest potential. I’ve used his system and devices with all of my players including ATP pro Sam Querrey. Everyone improves – and improves fast!”

Tim Schnaible

Former Coach of Top 15 Player Sam Querrey

Mike Bryan

“My brother Bob and I have known the fluid strokes and the feeling of being “connected” in the game of tennis for much of our lives. It’s great to know the science behind this feeling, so as to use this knowledge to play even better. His revolutionary system and various training devices, can help every player feel the natural strokes.”

Mike Bryan

ATP #1 Doubles

Michael Forman

“Jack has coached my kids throughout their juniors and they were both top nationally ranked. As a direct result of Jack’s revolutionary teachings, Karen as well as my son Steven, have earned full tennis scholarships to play D1 college tennis.

Thank you Jack!”

Michael Forman, M.D.

Father of NCAA All-American, Steven Forman


Certified Broudy Instructors

Certified Broudy Instructor

Jack Broudy is a tennis player, coach, speaker, author, and inventor of the Non-Linear Broudy Tennis System.

JC Freeman
JC Freeman
Certified Broudy Instructor

Director of Tennis at Inverness

Country Club in Alabama.

Dean Stavri
Dean Stavri
Certified Broudy Instructor

Tennis Coach at Stavri Tennis Academy based out of San Diego, CA.

John Carrizosa
John Carrizosa
Certified Broudy Instructor

John has taught in the Southern California South Bay for 30 years. He teaches the Modern Tennis Method.

We Don’t Just Care About Tennis.

We Care About You.

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We’re creating a connection between tennis instructors and players for the first time in tennis history. Get EXCLUSIVE access with a membership and connect with the community.

The Broudy Tennis System

Here’s how we’ll get you to loving your game.

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Instructor Testimonial from Broudy Instructor: JC Freeman.

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[Core Fundamental] The 45 Degree

[Core Fundamental] The Figure-8 Rotation

[Core Fundamental] The (Sine) Wave